(1)I have paid my order, why has it not been confirmed?

Awaiting payment:

The time to confirm your payment:

Asiteoneworld.com has received the payment for the orders whose status show as “Pending payment verification”.To ensure the security of each transaction, we sometimes have to verify the payment details with our buyers. After we verify your information, the seller will be informed to proceed with the shipment.

Generally speaking,  when you place an order on our website, we’ll process your payment verification within 24 hours upon receipt of your reply to our email.

If I refuse to send my personal information as required for the verification, how will you deal with my orders?

We totally understand your concerns. But please understand that we are striving to make ASOW  Mall be a safe platform for both buyer and seller by doing this. Anyway, if you still prefer not to provide us with requested information, we will make refund for you and you may pay for your future orders on Asiteoneworld.com via West Union, Bank Transfer or Global Collect. Anyway, to ensure that your orders paid via Credit Card can go smoothly, we strongly recommend that you provide the information as required.