UYIGAO Digital Moisture Meter 2 Pin Type Wood Timber Humidity Damp Detector Tester LCD Display

Price $9.53

Mini 2Pins LCD Digital Moisture Meter Tester Wood Bamboo Cotton Tobacco Paper Timber Water Content Damp Detector 5%~40%

Price $6.50

TK100H Portable Hay Moisture Meter for cereal straw,bran, Forage grass, Leymus chinensis, Emperor bamboo grass, testing fibre

Price $58.01

New Mini Digital LCD Indoor Convenient Temperature Sensor Humidity Meter Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer Gauge ALI88

Price $1.60

LCD Screen Indoor Thermometer Humidity Meter with 12h/24h Alarm Clock Date Calendar ALI88

Price $5.00

Portable Digital LCD Wood Timber Moisture Meter Damp Detector Tester Tool Brand New

Price $20.11

Mastech MS6900 Portable Digital Timber Wood Moisture Meter LCD Hygrometer Temperature meter Humidity Meter Tester

Price $32.66

2 Hours Automatic Mechanical Watering Timer Hose Sprinkler Irrigation Controller Garden Supply Watering Controller

Price $7.40

2017 Water Level Sensor Horizontal Liquid PP Side Mount Float Switch For Tank Pool

Price $1.22

WHDZ MD812 LCD Wood Moisture Meter Protable Digital Humidity Tester Timber Damp Detector Wood Moisture Meter for woodworking

Price $10.75

LCD Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Moisture Meter and Wired Temperature with External Sensor White

Price $4.07